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Executives on Campus - Long-Term Commitment Programs

Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program

The Academic Year-Long Mentoring Program is EOC’s cornerstone initiative. This program serves undergraduate juniors and first and second year graduate students from all three Baruch Schools: the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the Zicklin School of Business. The program connect students with executive mentors who guide and develop their networking, interviewing, and other essential business etiquette skills to help make them competitive in today’s market.

Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program

The Zicklin Undergraduate Honors Program (ZUHP) features an advanced, multidisciplinary curriculum aimed at the brightest students in the Zicklin School of Business. Serving students of all majors, ZUHP strives to develop exceptional critical thinking and communication skills and to produce polished professionals who are well positioned to compete in today’s complex business world. A key feature of ZUHP is its partnership with EOC to provide mentoring for these students.